What Is Kean Grateful For?

Students reveal the people and things that they are grateful for this year.

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What Is Kean Grateful For?
Fall sets in at Kean University, and with it, the time of reflection.
Jean Gardere

As the semester reaches its halfway point, students take a moment to reflect on what they’re grateful for this year. 

“Some things that I am grateful for [are] my family and my peers,” said Junior Tierra Baker.

Baker appreciates the family that she holds near. Her gratefulness stems from the way they keep her “motivated through the hard times of this semester.”

Baker studies industrial design along with her friend, Mysara Elsayed. This freshman appreciates the support she gets from her family and from being Muslim. 

“I’m grateful for being Muslim,” said Elsayed. “[I have] the ability to believe in something that makes me feel like I’m worth a lot more than I’m worth.”

Studying criminal justice, Freshman Helenie Mota also shares what she is thankful for. Like her peers, Mota is grateful for her family, specifically her mother.

“I can say I’m grateful for my mother because she sacrificed a lot for me to make it where I am now,” said Mota. “She continues doing so to this day.”

Mota isn’t the only criminal justice major grateful for their parents. Senior Dorien Depina appreciates how his parents gave him the choice to pursue a college education. 

“They’re the reason that I’m here today,” said Depina. “Without them…I wouldn’t have a tuition…I would be back at home, working.” 

Two junior biology majors at Kean also share their appreciation for family and friends. Ashley Espinal is grateful for the health of her family, her friends, and the ability to “continue studying.” Rooanyi Feliz is thankful for her health, the chance to pursue her goals, and the support of those around her.

“They support me and they make me feel like I can do anything I want to in my life,” said Felix.

At Kean, students live by the saying, "Cougars Climb Higher." However, those in the community climb the highest when they have the support of others.