Scholarships for Success

Kean and external resources offer many scholarships for college students.

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Scholarships for Success
Kean provides its students with a number of scholarships to help them get through college.
Fajr Eutsey

Attending college is a huge decision that can help people prepare for their futures. However, it can sometimes be hard to financially support this choice. Fortunately, Kean University provides students with scholarship opportunities to help alleviate their financial stress. 

Before students embark on the journey of scholarship searching, they should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For many, this is a long and tedious process but it can result in grants, awards, and financial assistance based on one's financial background. Many scholarships require FAFSA information as a part of their process, so it’s an important application to complete before searching. 

Many incoming and current college students come across advertisements for scholarships that require no essays or writing portions. Although these scholarships are convenient, they shouldn't be the only ones students apply for since winning isn't guaranteed. Students should try to invest time in searching for scholarships that require essays and further information. 

For new incoming freshmen students, Kean offers merit and need-based scholarships. The levels of merit scholarships and their maximum award amount over a four-year time period are:

  • William Livingston Full Scholarship - up to $50,000
  • Kean Scholar - up to $20,000
  • Trustee Scholar - up to $14,000
  • Presidential Scholar - up to 10,000
  • Academic Scholar - up to 6,000
  • World Class Scholar - up to $4,000

These students may also apply for the Early Action Award. Applicants who submit all of their required documents by Sunday, January 1 are eligible for this scholarship. 

The Kean Foundation Scholarships is another option for students to look into. Incoming, current, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible to apply. To learn more about this opportunity, students can visit the Kean Foundation Scholarships page. 

Sallie Mae is an amazing tool that helps students find scholarship opportunities that align with their majors and interests. The site may ask applicants to answer questions about themselves in order to display a personalized variety of scholarships. Incoming, current, and graduate students can apply through their site to possibly receive awards based on their applications and essays.

Scholarship Owl is a helpful search engine for scholarships. Students can sift through this site to find opportunities that are best suited to their interests. 

Scholarships are amazing resources that help make college more manageable. Kean encourages students to take the time to research scholarships that best fit their goals and needs. To learn more about Kean's scholarships and resources, students can visit the Scholarship Services webpage.