What Are Kean's Best Kept Secrets?

Students share their best kept "secret" a.k.a. their favorite quiet study spots around campus.

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What Are Kean's Best Kept Secrets?
The sixth floor of Hynes Hall is one of students' favorite spots on campus.

Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

There are many places on campus for students to hang out with friends and to work on important projects. However, there are some spots on campus that are kept secret. These spots aren’t well known, but students find themselves to be most productive when occupying these spaces.

Sophomore Danielle Brathwaite is an accounting major with a minor in music. Commuting about five days a week, Brathwaite needs a place to reside in between classes.

“I enjoy the top floor of Hynes Hall building,” said Brathwaite. “It is usually a very quiet place I go to to study for my business classes or in the morning when there are little to no people there. There are also different study rooms in NAAB that are very nice and it is usually quiet all times of the day because of the little foot traffic that it has with its students.” 

Brathwaite enjoys less populated places when it comes to studying. She enjoys the serenity and peacefulness she feels in these areas. With everyone back on campus, finding a good spot can help students feel more comfortable and get more work done. 

“Advice I could give is to find a spot that works best for you whether it be in between classes or just trying to find a place to study outside of your home or dorm,” Brathwaite said. “Take advantage of all that this college has to offer, they wouldn’t have certain things available to us if they didn’t think we didn’t need it or if students didn’t ask for it.”

Joey Ippolito, psychology major and commuter, has his own “secret” spot for getting work done. For Ippolito, he prefers getting his work done at the Nancy Thompson Library.

“The library on the third floor is a great place because it is really big and really quiet. Not many people know about or utilize the space which makes it one of the best kept secrets,” said Ippolito. “Academically, this place has helped me get a lot of work done in a little bit of time. Something about the silence is really refreshing because the campus is always bustling.” 

While there are many popular places on campus, foot traffic can become overwhelming and quite distracting. Sometimes it's imperative for students to find a spot for themselves that is not only comfortable but helps them complete their assignments. 

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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer


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