Happy Holiday Cougars!

Students share how they celebrate the holiday seasons.

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Happy Holiday Cougars!
Kean Students giving back to their community for the holiday season!
Natalia Andeliz

The holiday season means something different for everyone. The best part is that everyone celebrates the holidays in their own way. Between Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day and more, students share how they celebrate the holiday season.

“On Christmas Eve I go over to my family's house and we have the seven fish dinner," said Student Jake Pierro.

Pierro is an Italian American citizen, and as a family, he partakes in the Feast of Seven Fishes. This is an Italian American celebration where there are typically seven different types of seafood dishes. The long tradition of eating seafood on Christmas Eve dates from the Roman Catholic tradition of not eating meat on the eve of a feast day, Christmas.

“A tradition we do is that every year at 12 a.m., on Christmas Eve, we open our presents together,” said Student Julian Balastan.

Balastan is a first year Filipino student. It is a common tradition for people to open presents at midnight. Originally, the tradition came from people opening present after the midnight mass. 

“ Me and my sisters always put the tree together and whoever puts the last ornament puts the star on top,” said Janayssa Arcia.

Many people enjoy putting up decorations during the holiday season. No matter what people do during this time, it is valuable to spend time with loved ones. Ivan Zuniga agress and enjoys spending time with family.

“Me and my family celebrate on the 24th and not really not Christmas. We have a big celebration and on Christmas we just relax,” said Zuniga.

Kean is filled with many different cultures and traditions which means everyone experiences the holidays differently. The winter break is the time to catch up with sleep, spend time with friends, take a break from school and to celebrate the holidays with loved ones. 

Enjoy your break Kean Cougars, it is well deserved!