Winter Travels for Winter Break

Top travel locations that Kean University students can visit over winter break.

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Winter Travels for Winter Break
There are many places for students to visit during this winter break.
Fajr Eutsey

Winter break is quickly approaching as college students wrap up their finals and semester. Many are wondering how to spend the few weeks that they'll have off before the spring semester. For those unsure of how to spend their time, they should consider traveling during this winter break.

For those who want to be around nature and experience a warm, cozy, and relaxing getaway, the Poconos in Pennsylvania is a perfect option. According to the official Pocono Valley website, the resort is located 90 miles from New York City and Philadelphia. There is access to a lake, skiing, hiking, museums, and outlet stores. Students should consider this location if they are interested in nature and discount shopping.   

A place that is glamorized for college breaks is Florida. Many college students choose to go to Florida during spring break and it could be a nice choice for the winter, specifically Miami. Due to the winter season, Miami can be less crowded and congested whilst still hosting beautiful weather. Miami can seem appealing to visitors, especially since the beaches are prone to be less crowded and more relaxing.     

Like any city, Miami has its own attractions. Students may want to visit the art districts and view expressions of creativity or visit new eateries. Due to the nice weather, water activities are always an option and of course, there is access to shopping. This includes small boutiques and big franchises.     

Another popular option is a trip to New York City. Although New York City is notorious for being expensive, its holiday aesthetics are appealing to most people. According to a New York Simply article, there are many things to do in the city such as the NYC Ferry. Rides are about $3 and it's a multipurpose way of traveling from one part of the city to another whilst absorbing all of its beauty during the holiday season.   

The Rockettes perform their annual Christmas Spectacular Show at Radio City Musical Hall. It is a chance to see intricate choreography and indulge in a classic New York City holiday activity. If the Rockettes don't pique a student's interest, they may consider going to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center.     

NYC really provides visitors and residents with a holiday ambiance. Amongst the numerous light shows, displays, restaurants, shops, and performances, students will be able to find something to do. If they're lucky, it may even snow.  

Research is very necessary when preparing for travel. Students should take time aside to fully review the travel destinations that interest them and plan accordingly. After a long semester of hard work, it is imperative that students find a way to reward themselves, even if that reward is in the form of a trip.