Dear Future Self

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Dear Future Self
Students attend Kean University to achieve a brighter future.
Jean Gardere

Many students attend college in order to achieve a brighter future. Despite the future being unpredictable, people question what they’ll be like in the years to come. Members of the Kean community share the messages that they have for their future selves. 

“[I’d ask myself if] we actually did what we wanted to do…if we completed our goals…and if we’re better,” said Sophomore Leanny Regalado. 

Regalado has plans for the future and thinks about where she’ll be in her educational journey. In five years, Regalado hopes to pursue her masters in clinical psychology at Kean University’s Nathan Weiss Graduate College.

“Get some experience through hands-on research,” said Biotechnology Major Humera Syet. 

Like many college students, Syet wants to pursue a career in the future. In the years to come, she hopes her future self is enrolled in a physician assistant program. Being in this line of work would help Syet learn more about her desired work field. 

Like Syet, Senior Emilianna Robinson wants a successful career in the future. Robinson aspires to own a company some time after graduation. She’d also like to have a house while building up her company. 

“[Is] this where I saw myself? [Am I] happy where I am at?,” asked Senior Amanda Alvardo. 

These are the questions Alvardo would like to ask her future self. Alvardo is currently studying interior design at Kean University. Like her friend Robinson, Alvardo would like to own a company in future years. 

“How has everything played out for me?,” asked Junior Durval Pinnock.

Pinnock studies physical education and aspires to graduate from Kean University. After receiving his degree, he hopes to become a physical education teacher and then start his own business later on.

While the future is uncertain, hard work and determination can certainly make a difference. Keep climbing higher, Cougars!