A Question of Passion or Money

Students give their answers on whether passion or money motivates their pursuit of a job.

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A Question of Passion or Money
When it comes to a career, is it better to have money or satisfaction?
Jean Gardere

Many attend college in order to have more job opportunities in the future. College can lead to careers with higher wages and overall satisfaction. At Kean University, students answer the question: Is it better to have a job you’re passionate about that pays little, or have a high-paying job that you lack passion for?

This question can be quite difficult to answer. Many would like a job that comes with both, but most times it isn’t the case. When asked, Freshman Business Major Liz Collado gave her input for this question. 

“I want to be rich and I want to have money,” said Collado. 

For Collado, she prefers a job where she can make a lot of money. In the future, Collado hopes to save enough funds to where she can invest and live comfortably without working a job that she’s not passionate about. 

Collado is not the only student who feels this way. Shaileen Collado (no relation) would also choose money over passion. 

“Money makes me happy. A lot of people think that money doesn’t make you happy, but for me it does,” said Collado. 

While money can make some people happy, not everyone at Kean picked this answer. Senior Biology Major Yasmeen Issa prefers passion over money. 

“We’re all humans…life is short, you have to be happy,”  said Issa. “Sometimes money is not everything. You have to live your life and do what you have to do to get through.”

Issa does not stand alone on this stance. Like Issa, Priscilla Asencio is a senior, studies biology, and feels that having passion for a job is necessary. 

“In certain occupations, you need to engage with your patients,” said Asencio. “If you’re not really in it, your patients will obviously see it.” 

Some students prefer careers that can boost them financially. Others prefer jobs that they can put their hearts into. There are no right or wrong answers, but students’ career decisions should be based on their own personal preferences.