Plans For Winter Break?

Students share their plans for the upcoming winter break.

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Plans For Winter Break?
Can't have a winter break without winter!
Photo Courtesy of Kean University
Jean Gardere

After a semester of work, breaks can be a time for students to relax and shift their attention to other matters. With winter break fast approaching, the Kean community shares their plans for the occasion.

“I’m gonna go on a ski trip with my friends,” said Sophomore Sagdiana Rakhinov.

Rakhinov and friends are heading to Pennsylvania this winter for their annual ski trip. When it comes to skiing, Rakhinov described herself as moderately good. 

“I’ve only skied twice…so I think I’m good,” said Rakhinov. 

While some use this time to relax from classes, others decide to continue their educational journey during their break. Students, like Sophomore Fernando Marques, are taking courses for the winter semester.

“I plan on taking winter [classes] to get ahead of my schedule,” said Marques.

Like Rakhinov, Marques is also taking a trip with friends over winter break. They are planning a visit to the island country of Curacao for Marques’s birthday.

Marques is not the only one learning this winter break. Senior and Math Education Major Lillianna Ramos will be studying for the Praxis II teacher’s exam with intentions of teaching by next year. Besides studying, Ramos will be preparing for the holiday season. 

“[Working] at home [and] selling ornaments,” Ramos said. 

Junior Psychology Student Emily Estevez plans to work in physical therapy over the break. She will also continue working at GAP, the popular clothing retailer. Aside from working, Estevez hopes to relax with loved ones when the semester is over. 

“Being able to spend time with family and just [having] free time,” Estevez said. 

Stay safe over winter break, Cougars!