As the President, I Would...

Students talk about what they would change if they were president of Kean University.

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As the President, I Would...
Would you have what it takes to be president of Kean?
Jean Gardere

Being president of a university affords one the opportunity to propose sweeping changes. Kean University is filled with groups of diverse students who have very strong opinions. Students shared some of the changes they'd make if they were president of Kean University.

“I would add more parking to the campus…if possible,”  said Student Aubrey Reyes.

Reyes is dual enrolled at Kean University as a technical theater major. As well as expanding the parking lots, Reyes would also like to renovate some buildings to increase the amount of study areas on campus.

“I noticed that on campus there aren’t as many study spaces…so I feel that if we have more study spaces, it’ll definitely be easier for finals [and] midterms," said Reyes.

Similar to Reyes, Tatiana Del-Valle would address the parking issues on campus if she were president. Del-Valle, a junior studying STEM-education, commutes to campus like many of her peers. With Kean's reputation as a commuter school, she believes the parking situation should be improved.

“Since the majority of us are commuters, I feel like we need more space. If you’re not here at eight in the morning, you’re probably not going to find a parking spot,” said Del-Valle.

As president, International Sophomore Student Hafsa Fatima would like to reduce tuition for international students. Fatima would also like to make the menu options at Kean more inclusive to people with dietary restrictions such as herself. 

“I’m a muslim. I eat halal, so there are not many options for me,” said Fatima.

Freshman Keira Marques initally chose Kean to major in theater education. However, theater education, along with other majors were dropped by the university. If she were president, Marques would fight to bring back those cut majors.

“I know a lot of people are hoping to pursue that path, and that were really upset that it was cut,” said Marques. “I’d love for everybody to have as many opportunities as they can here at Kean.”