Kean Playlist, the New Kids on the Block!

Kean Playlist is a new club where music lovers can get together.

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Kean Playlist, the New Kids on the Block!
The minds behind Kean Playlist! (Left to right: Secretary Alexandra Pinckney, President Lilianna Carredo, and Vice President Diego Mendoza)
Jean Gardere

Do you have a love and appreciation for music? Are you looking for a place to share that love with others? If so, then students should consider joining Kean’s newest club, Kean Playlist. 

Kean Playlist is an organization where students with an interest in music can come together. Members use their time discussing music and its related topics. Discussions span to all different genres and decades of music. 

Meetings take place on Mondays from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. For those looking to join, they can attend a meeting located at the Center for Academic Success, Room 245. Interested students can also join the Kean Playlist Discord for more information about upcoming events. 

“I was inspired to make Kean Playlist in the spring of 2022 from wanting to be in a community on campus where I can just talk about music to other music lovers,” said Kean Playlist President and Founder Liliana Carredo.

Kean Playlist is not only a club, but a passion project for Carredo. As a junior studying communication, specifically film and media, Carredo noticed a lack of clubs that discussed music. Noticing this, Carredo got to work in forming the club with the help of her fellow peers.

“I was determined to create this club, but lacked the knowledge on doing so. Luckily, Segun Ologundudu, the president and founder of Content Creation Network, strongly helped by showing and explaining to me the process of how to start a club at Kean,” said Carredo.

From there, Carredo set about finding an advisor for Kean Playlist. This is how she met Dr. Matthew Halper, a professor of music in Kean University’s School of Fine and Performing Arts. Carredo then formed the rest of her e-board: 

  • Vice President Diego Mendoza
  • Secretary Alexandra Pinckney
  • Treasurer Emily Mestanza
  • Director of Public Relations Ashlee Jacobs

“When she told me about the whole idea, I was like ‘this is something that I would really be interested in,’” said Pinckney.

Pinckney and Mendoza are two of Carredo’s longtime friends. When asked to be a part of the club-making process, they were more than happy to help. While they admit making and managing a club has been tough, Mendoza described it as “really fun.” 

“The process was submitting a lot of forms, getting members, [and] asking our friends if they would commit,” said Mendoza.

Pinckney had been looking for a club to join at Kean. However, Pinckney never imagined that the one she would join was also the one she helped create. Despite the hard work in making a club, she is glad that she did. 

Music is known to inspire those who listen. Carredo’s choice in music inspires her daily life from the clothes she wears to the hobbies she pursues. If students feel as strongly as Carredo does for music, then they should join Kean Playlist.