Student Study Hacks

Students share some of the tips and tricks that they use when studying for midterms and finals.

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Student Study Hacks
Students use tips and tricks to help them study for exams.
Fajr Eutsey

Finals week motivates students to effectively focus and study to pass their exams. As finals are approaching, scholars are picking their study partners, organizing their calendars, and preparing to end the semester happily. This year, a few Kean students chose to share what study methods work best for them during these academically strenuous times.

“I usually like to listen to music . . . like R&B, something slow and calm,” said Freshman Magdalene Ramos. 

According to a Healthline article, music has the ability to boost one’s mood, motivation, and concentration. It can also improve one’s ability to retain new information.

Many students like to study with the help of music. For those who are musically inclined or simply love the artistry of lyrics, they can utilize Student Esther Ihemesie’s studying advice.

“I’d say writing it in a song and then memorizing the song,” Ihemesie said. 

Of course, music isn’t the answer to everyone’s studying dilemmas. In fact, some people can’t tolerate intense background noises while studying for long periods of time. In these situations, students may take breaks in between study sessions. 

“I do it in intervals . . . study and then like, take a little break and then study again,” said Student Christian MontLouis. 

Taking breaks in between studying is a great idea for many students. Breaks can allow for relaxation and revitalization before getting back to work. When studying, many will refer to their notes to help them remember the material. 

“I book a study room and I just use study guides,” said Technical Theatre Major Ma’Kayla Wilson.

The Nancy Thompson Library provides students with study spaces to assist with their educational journey. These spaces may be useful leading up to the week of finals. To learn more about the study rooms and how to book one, students can visit the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons website.

Studying looks different for everyone. Each scholar has their own methods for retaining the needed information. Kean encourages students to use the resources available to them and, more importantly, try their best.