Celebrating Hillel

Kean University Hillel is an organization that educates students on Judaism and its cultural practices.

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Celebrating Hillel
Kean University Hillel at the Clock Tower.
Photo Courtesy of Kean University Hillel.
Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer

Judaism is one of the oldest religions and cultures in the world and Kean University is adamant on providing a place for Jewish and non-Jewish students, alike, to celebrate it. Hillel is present on numerous college campuses worldwide and it strives to inspire, educate and provide students with knowledge about Judaism.

“The goal of Hillel is to build Jewish community on campus. Anyone who is interested in Jewish culture (or likes free food!) is more than welcome to join Hillel!," said Rachel Malaga, student engagement associate for Hillel of Greater MetroWest and advisor for Kean Universit Hillel.

Kean University Hillel was restarted in the fall of 2022 by students Amy Bellows, Ben Weiss, and Sophie Seidman. Hillel Greater MetroWest and Faculty Advisor Adara Goldberg from the Holocaust Resource Center also had a hand in reinstating the organization. All of these members continuously work towards bringing Jewish learning, culture, and celebrations to the university and its students. 

Having Hillel open to all students, regardless of Jewish ancestry, allows for anyone to take an interest in Jewish history by having a place to make new friends. Being very flexible, Kean University Hillel encourages students to join whenever they are able. It is important to know that they hold less than two general body meetings per semester and have one to two events per month. 

Interested students can follow Kean Hillel’s instagram @kean_hillel for information and a look into what they can expect from joining this organization. To join, students can use Highlander Hub, to aid them in this process and get them started on a new and exciting journey. 

“Hanukkah this year starts in the evening of December 18. We celebrated Hanukkah on December 2 in MSC with latkes, donuts, and dreidel decorating but students can stop by the clock tower at Miron Student Center to view the large menorah courtesy of Bris Avrohom!,”explained Malaga. "Come join us whenever you can. We would love to have you!”

The holiday season is a time of joy and being around loved ones. So, what better way to celebrate than by embracing a new culture and new friends to match. Kean University Hillel welcomes all with open arms, minds and hearts and encourages everyone on Kean campus to explore a new culture.

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Jaclyn Lukas, Staff Writer


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