The Holiday of Love!

Tuesday, February 14 is Valentines Day and Kean Cougars plan on celebrating the holiday!

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The Holiday of Love!
Couples Enjoying a Night Out!
Natalia Andeliz

Tuesday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day. This holiday of love, as some might call it, is celebrated worldwide with hearts, candy, flowers, and more. 

Many celebrate this holiday in different ways and how they celebrate usually depends on their relationship status. Jake Pierro, a student at Kean, shared what he’ll be doing on February 14.

“Although I have not asked my girlfriend to be my valentine, I am still working on it,” said Pierro. “ [I] will give her some gifts and then we will hang out with our friends and do some valentine festivities.”

With Valentine's Day being a commercial holiday, it's almost as expensive as Christmas. According to Hallmark, about 145 million greeting cards are exchanged on the day. With records like these, it’s clear many celebrate the holiday of love with gifts, including Kean Student Janayssa Arcia. 

“My boyfriend asked me to be his valentine in the beginning of January and we have a new tradition where we give gifts early,” said Arcia. “He gifted me a bunch of Hello Kitty posters and on the actual day we are going to eat and then shop.” 

On campus, there are many events associated with the holiday of love including rose sales, candy gram sessions, bake sales, and more. While many embrace Kean’s valentine activities some students, like Julian Balastan, are celebrating off campus this year. 

“I asked my girlfriend to be my valentine a while back and I got her a collection of gifts,” said Balastan. “She got me a chain with her name on it and she has a necklace with my name on it. On Valentine's Day, we will be acting like a married couple by going to Applebees and then Burlington.”

Valentine’s Day is a chance for people to express their love and gratitude towards one another. People spend this day with significant others, friends, family, and others who are close to their hearts. For Justina DeJesus, she will be spending this holiday with those closest to her.

“I do have a valentine this year, my boyfriend,” said DeJesus. “I am gifting him a Valentine’s Day basket and then, after we spend time together, we are going to spend time with our friends at a Valentine's Day party.”

Have a safe and happy Valentine's Day, Cougars!