How to Score Downtime

Students share the things they like to do on campus during their downtime.

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How to Score Downtime
Students enjoying their downtime at Kean University.
Fajr Eutsey

As students endure the pressures of maintaining their academic and social lives, it can be hard for them to find some free time. For some, downtime isn’t a necessity and for others, it can feel unattainable. Students at Kean University explained what their downtime looked like and how they chose to spend their breaks in between classes.

“I like to sleep in my car in between classes because I commute,” said Freshman Shanell Holmes. 

Kean University has a large population of commuter students. In between classes, commuters may choose to indulge in a quick nap or visit the numerous spots on campus that are perfect for taking breaks. 

The Commuter Resource Center is one spot where commuter students like to spend their downtime. The center is located on the first floor of the Nancy Thompson Library behind Starbucks. If students are looking for a place to relax between classes, then they should definitely give this space a try. 

"I like to go to someplace quiet . . . definitely the library and the student center," said Student Nephtalie Albert. “Mostly when I’m in my downtime, I’m either just doing research or just looking at YouTube videos.”

The Nancy Thompson Library is not only the perfect place to get work done, but it’s also great for students looking for some quiet time. If students want silence while working, they should visit the quiet study area located on the third floor of the library. 

While some students spend their downtime inside, there are those who prefer to be outdoors. If the weather’s permitting, Senior Claudia Abrantes chooses to tune into tranquility during her downtime.

“When it’s really nice outside, I like to sit at the clock tower and just kind of see people walk by and when it’s a little bit colder out, I like to sit in Starbucks,” said Claudia Abrantes. 

Like many seniors, Abrantes has curated her own list of favorite campus spots. One of the best places she included was the Miron Student Center. 

The Miron Student Center is not only great for involvement, but is perfect for spending free time. The center offers students many break areas including the technology lounge, the game room, and numerous eateries.

Although achieving one’s goals is satisfying and a motivator within itself, students may be drained without proper rest and relaxation. Downtime is essential for students because it can strengthen their mental, physical, and emotional health.

If Kean students want to continue being their best selves, they should remember that efficiency and creativity are responsive to a well-rested mind.