A Greener Kean

Students share how the university can be more environmentally conscious and the steps that they take in being eco-friendly.

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A Greener Kean
Environmental Alliance takes the initiative to inform the Kean community about environmental and sustainability awareness.
Photo Courtesy of Environmental Alliance
Arianna Barry

Some practices for keeping the Earth clean can include recycling, reducing water usage, creating composts and more. At Kean University, being green and environmentally friendly is encouraged and students are eager to suggest how the university can make a difference in saving the planet. 

Recycling is one of the most well-known methods of keeping the Earth clean. Some students suggested the need for recycling bins throughout the university. Essence Gandi, an environmental biology student, stresses the importance of recycling. 

“We need more emphasis on the difference between trash and recycling. It needs to be enforced more,” said Gandi.

On campus, next to almost every trash can is a recycling bin. There is a clear distinction as the cans for trash are gray and the bins for recycling are blue. Despite the presence of the bins, students would still like to see more recycling receptacles on campus.

“We should have things more electronically available, so that less paper can be used,” said Student Magen Saed.

Students at Kean would like to reduce the use of paper to eliminate excess waste. Like Saed, Asha Gabriel would prefer electronic alternatives. In fact, Gabriel has already implemented these changes into her life. 

“Instead of using paper, I take notes on my iPad and my laptop,” said Gabriel.

Like many students, Victoria Paterno makes an effort to be greener by making changes to her habits. When it comes to saving the planet, Paterno tries her best to reduce plastic usage and carbon emissions. 

“I don’t use plastic water bottles, I use my reusable water bottle,” said Paterno. “Also, I try to limit my driving.” 

Another possible way of helping the planet is by changing one’s traveling habits. Instead of using cars for everything, students have taken the initiative to use alternative and greener transportation methods. For the university, students like Darell Eugene wish for Kean to reinstall electric scooter stations.

“I wish Kean would bring back the electric scooters they had during my freshman year,” said Eugene.

While Eugene would like this change, he has managed to find other ways for getting around campus. Eugene practices eco-friendly behavior by riding his bike or walking from main campus to east campus.

Kean has made some eco-friendly improvements on its campus. While students are pleased to see these changes, there is always more to be done in aiding the preservation of our planet. Members of the Kean community are always aware that small improvements can help change the world for the better.