One Word For Kean University

As seniors wrap up their final semester, they describe their experience at Kean University in one word.

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One Word For Kean University
With graduation around the corner, seniors gather at the graduation expo and share one word to describe Kean.
Photo Courtesty of Spencer Fabe
Arianna Barry

This semester, senior students are enjoying their final moments at Kean leading up to graduation. As they part with college life, they hold onto valuable lessons, unforgettable souvenirs, wholesome memories, and more. Between educational moments, making friends, and joining organizations, graduating seniors describe Kean University in one word.

“It’s interesting to see different students. [I] get to learn a little bit about their culture and how they assimilate here at Kean,” Ramses Estrada said.

One of Kean’s best qualities is its initiative to promote diversity and inclusion on campus. This attribute is why many students, like Estrada, would describe their experience at Kean as inclusive. 

“I would describe Kean as cultural,” said Eddie Bradley.

People from different cultures attend Kean to pursue a higher education for their dream career. To support these students, the university holds multiple events throughout the year celebrating various backgrounds. These events help students embrace each other by giving them perspectives on other cultures. 

“Opportunity is one word I’d use to describe Kean,” Anitha Azard said.

Opportunities at Kean University are endless. Between joining organizations, making friends, networking, and career building, there are always chances for the taking. 

“Being here at Kean is an experience so that’s [the] one word I’d use to describe it,” Oyebola Faloude said. 

Students have many memorable experiences here, whether it be living on campus, going to events, or even joining a club. They can also have career-related experiences like internship opportunities and campus employment. 

These are only a few of the words used to describe life at Kean University. Others have also included words such as: 

  • Calm 
  • Community
  • Accessable
  • Unity
  • Eventful
  • Fun

Sometimes it’s difficult to describe something using only one word. With so many noteworthy experiences, it can be hard finding a word to encapsulate it all. Despite the variety of words, all students can agree that Kean University has given them something to remember.