What Women's History Means to Me

Students highlight what Women’s History Month means to them, and share their female role models.

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What Women's History Means to Me
Students share the names of women who inspire them during Women's History Month.
Photo Courtesy of Nicole Rivera
Arianna Barry

As March is Women’s History Month, people take the time to reflect and honor the achievements of women. This month gives many the chance to appreciate and pave the way for women who are making a difference in the world. At Kean University, students reflect on what Women’s History Month means to them and who they honor during this time.  

Most students honor their mothers and the hardships that they’ve faced in their lives. Psychology Student Rhiannon Taylor shares an inspiring story about her mother.

“When she was seventeen, she ran away from home [when] she was pregnant with me,” said Taylor. “[She] worked a part-time job. She still remained in college as a single mother working three jobs to support me and my brother.” 

Taylor is inspired by her mother’s hard work and dedication. As Taylor reveals, the work done by Ms. Taylor was well rewarded. 

“Now, she works at a law firm and she’s really successful. I admire how courageous and hard-working she is,” said Taylor.

Aside from family members, many students honor famous celebrity icons. During Women’s History Month, Student Sunshine Hall gives recognition to Animator and Screenwriter Rebecca Sugar.  

“I really admire Rebecca Sugar. She’s the creator of my favorite cartoon, "Steven Universe", and she’s a great lesbian representation,” said Hall.

When it comes to celebrities, students are able to connect with them and what they represent. Most times, people honor these women because of what they’ve been through.  

“I think Selena Gomez is really inspirational. She’s just so positive and has dealt with a lot. [She's] surviving with lupus. She just manages to be so strong and that’s what I love about her,” Kaitlyn Kimble said. 

When it comes to honoring women and their accomplishments during this time, it’s also important to know what Women's History Month means to others. Many see this month as a celebration of how far women have come. 

“Women’s History Month, to me, shows that we’ve come a long way,” said Myrna Laventure. “We were housewives, solely childbearers [who] cooked and cleaned, but now we can do as we please.” 

Many students not only reflect on what the month means to them, but what it means for others. Jòse Profeda is a computer science major and he shares the importance of this month in regard to his mother. 

“It means people like my mother have a chance. She was a single mother. She worked hard to raise me back in the days when single motherhood was difficult,” said Profeda. “Now, she’s able to be more independent and make her own money. She’s amazing for that.” 

Women’s History Month represents different things for many people. But, this month is not only about the women who are well known and famous, but the women who have worked hard for future generations.