A Break Well Spent

Recapping Kean's spring recess and how students spent their break.

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A Break Well Spent
Students reminisced on the exciting things they did over spring break.
Kervin Coleman

Spring break is a time of getaway for students worldwide and Kean University conducted its recess from Monday, March 6 through Sunday, March 12. Although it’s seen as a vacational period, students remained focused on their educational goals as spring break typically occurs midway through the semester. During this time, some may travel, work more hours, enjoy vacations, visit their families, and more. 

Students at Kean spent their recess period in many different ways. Senior Jaelen Hymes is an architecture major who spent his break finding inner peace.

“School can 100% be stressful at times and using the break for some clarity was great," Hymes said. 

Hymes elected to stay on campus during break to avoid the inconvenience of going back and forth from his hometown of Monmouth Junction. Since campus life can be seen as a safe haven, students are likely to stay on campus during shorter breaks. Oftentimes this can lead to better studying habits as a result of having more personal space and leisure time. 

While Hymes took the more reserved route, other students chose to do more adventurous tasks during the break. Aaron De Jesus is a sophomore and theatre major at Kean. He attended a JID concert and then an afterparty hosted by Swino.

“I wanted to make my spring break worthwhile and escape the hardships of school,” De Jesus said. 

Going to the concert was not the only thing De Jesus did during his break. Along with the concert, he also took part in many exciting activities during his week-long recess.

“This spring break I worked out, played Modern Warfare 2, got a summer job teaching karate and kickboxing, and watched Creed 3 with my friends. But, [I] got stranded at the movies!” De Jesus said.

Freshman Anisa Gopaulchan decided to take advantage of her spring break. Along with starting a workout routine, Gopaulchan used her recess to spend time with family and friends. 

“I went home and visited family,” Gopaulchan said. “It was nice to spend quality time with them after being away for a good period of time.” 

There’s an abundance of ways students choose to spend their spring break and these were examples of a few. Now, as the semester resumes, students may readjust and regain focus on the scholastic side of things.