New Organization Alert!

Medical Student Support Organization is the newest club at Kean University.

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New Organization Alert!
The Medical Student Support Organization is the latest and newest club at Kean.
Photo Courtesy of the Medical Student Support Organization
Natalia Andeliz

Kean University has hundreds of clubs for students to join as an extracurricular activity. Every organization is unique in its own way and students can always find at least one club that piques their interest. For those in the pre-medical community, there is a newly recognized club where they are sure to fit right in.

“The Medical Student Support Organization’s goal is to create a community for premeds where they can find support and guidance for their specific tracks,” said Yara Mohamed, president of the Medical Student Support Organization. 

Mohamed founded the Medical Student Support Organization (MSSO) for pre-medical students so they can have a support system on campus. In the MSSO, Mohamed has her own support network, consisting of her fellow club officers. The following people are the leading figures of the organization: 

  • Advisor Helio Pedro
  • Vice President Angel Ihie
  • Secretary Faiqa Ali

“Premeds have decided on this long and challenging path, which is to be applauded. Having a support system on campus will only lead to better outcomes and achievements,” said Mohamed.

It’s no secret that joining the medical field requires years of education and practice. At times, the pressure of these practices can be overwhelming and stress-inducing. Mohamed recognized this issue at Kean and aims to solve it through the organization. 

“I created MSSO to unite premeds on campus and learn alongside them as I go down the same path they all chose. I have big aspirations for this organization and cannot wait to see all our members excel,” said Mohamed.

This new club is great for students interested in the medical field to find people who are going through the same thing. Having a group of people who can understand your struggles and successes will surely help them stay on track. 

“This organization is a platform for many students who are decided or undecided in their major to further expand their network and build a stronger community with like-minded individuals,” said Ali.

Kean University is known for having clubs that fit the interests of so many different people, and the Medical Student Support Organization is an example of that. While being a pre-medical student can be difficult at times, joining this organization can possibly help relieve some stress while getting involved and meeting new people. 

If students are interested in the organization, they should mark their calendars for Thursday, March 2. At 3:30 p.m. in the Center for Academic Success, Room 236, the organization will be holding a general body meeting to discuss the MD or DO application process.

Students should also look out for MSSO's Medical Kahoot. On Thursday, April 6, the organization will be holding a meeting to learn more about the medical field. This event takes place at 3:30 p.m. in the Center for Academic Success, Room 236.

For more information about the Medical Student Support Organization, students can find them on Cougarlink or on Instagram.