Memory Lane at Kean

Seniors at Kean share their favorite memory as graduation approaches.

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Memory Lane at Kean
With commencement in May, students reflect on their favorite memories at Kean.
Arianna Barry

For most students, senior year can involve several pressure points. Factors like finals, internships, jobs, grades, and graduation can be stressors in one’s final year. Despite these factors, seniors at Kean can still reflect on their favorite memories and experiences at Kean. 

Some seniors’ most memorable moments include their Greek life inductions. Whether it’s for a sorority or fraternity, some recall their favorite memory being their scholarship ceremony. Sorority Sister Claudia Brontas reflects on her favorite Greek life memory. 

“Meeting my sisters is definitely a memorable moment I’ve had here. Also, [it’s] being able to mingle and make new friends,” said Brontas.

Kean University provides students with experiences that will prepare them for their futures. Senior Eddie Nam Bradley’s favorite memory is connected to the opportunity that Kean has given him. 

“My favorite memory here would probably be being a part of Kean’s U.N. Program,” said Bradley.

Bradley is not the only one who has grown with Kean’s help. Senior Megan Clark is grateful for her experiences with the Communications Partner Program. 

“Being involved in the Communications Partner Program here is one of my favorite experiences. I got to work with clients and learn new speech strategies and meet my amazing friends,” said Clark.

For some seniors, embracing and celebrating their culture is a significant memory. Ramses Estrada’s favorite part is when people at Kean join together for cultural celebrations. 

“Everyone coming together at dance parties during Latin American Heritage Month. Seeing everyone gathering around dancing and embracing our culture is really one of my favorite memories,” Estrada said.

Kean has hundreds of clubs and organizations to choose from. This number continues to grow as students like Oyebola Faloude initiate and create new clubs at Kean University.

“I was able to start my own club here, Kean Vogue, and that’s my favorite memory,” Faloude said.

The journey to graduation has always been long and tedious. However, seniors not only part with knowledge but with the everlasting memories they’ve made at Kean University.