Summer Fun and Memories

With finals coming to an end, students share their favorite summer memories and future plans.

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Summer Fun and Memories
Students share their favorite things to do in the summer.
Photo Courtesy of Nicole Rivera.
Arianna Barry

With the school year ending and the break approaching, students rush to bask in the sun and partake in summer adventures. With temperatures rising and the sun shining, students share their most memorable summer activities and plans for the upcoming recess. 

“One summer vacation I’ll never forget is going on vacation to the Dominican Republic and swimming with the sharks and sting rays,” Cheyenne Piggée said.

Many students use their breaks to go on vacations. Whether trips happen in or out of the United States, people take this time to travel and have exciting adventures.

“I think one of my favorite summer memories was being able to go jet skiing in Wildwood with my boyfriend," said Skylar Pabon.

People also use these months to find a summer job. Nedjie Toussaint recalls this experience as her favorite memory. 

“My favorite summer memory was being able to find a summer job,” Toussaint said. “That summer, I also went to different places in Bloomfield and East Orange with my friend Amber. We looked all over for a summer job. I was so relieved when one of the jobs got back to me and hired me.”

The summer is a perfect time to try new things. Without the pressures of classes and assignments, students use this recess to experience new things. 

“My favorite summer memory was my first rave event that I ever attended,” said Delia Farias. “I got to meet so many new people and just seeing others express themselves was such a fun time I’ll never forget that."

Students enjoy their summer by moving around and staying active. Alyona Kladova plans to enjoy her summer with fun activities.

“This summer I plan on going to Acadia. Also, plenty of beach trips and bike riding,” said Kladova.

With finals ending the semester, many are eager to finish off strong. Students are excited to share their recess with friends.

“After finals are over, I’m just going to hang out with friends and probably go on many hiking adventures,” said Pabon.

With finals out of the way, students can finally take some time to relax and indulge in their summer activities. The Student Affairs Media Team hopes everyone enjoys their well-deserved break.