What's Your Greatest Accomplishment?

Students share their greatest accomplishments.

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What's Your Greatest Accomplishment?
Students accomplish their goals of staying fit.
Photo Courtesy of Nicole Rivera
Arianna Barry

Everyone has goals, wishes, and desires. Achievements can vary from something as small as passing a class or receiving an honorable award. Students at Kean University reflect on their greatest accomplishments. 

Getting over fears can be quite challenging. Between heights and public speaking, overcoming these obstacles can be rewarding. 

“I got over my fear of crossing a huge bridge. I'm normally scared of bridges, but I’ve been going on walks and crossing them. It doesn't seem scary anymore. That's my biggest accomplishment,” Adoko Akue said.

Traveling is a big achievement for some. Sophomore Sophia King shares her triumphs when it comes to traveling. 

“I’ve traveled to three countries in the span of a week,” King said.

The Girl Scouts of the USA is an organization that aspires to better the world through motivation and teamwork. Freshman Larissa Bodnar greatest accomplishment happened when she was a Girl Scout. Bodnar received their Gold Award for helping children with disabilities. 

Educational achievements are proud moments for many students. Marielena Guthrie is one of many scholars whose best accomplishments come from their academic successes. 

“I would say my biggest accomplishment is pushing through and entering the Art Education program,” Guthrie said. “Being in this program is pretty intense. I’ve always doubted myself in it because I feel like I’m not doing enough or aiming high enough. This program helped me gain confidence and be more motivated.” 

Other students shared accomplishments such as learning to ride a bike, graduating high school, starting their own business, and making the honor roll. Completing goals can be a difficult journey, but everyone will achieve their goals through hard work and diligence.