7 College Tips You Need to Know

Words of advice for students from students.

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7 College Tips You Need to Know
Students partake in college life by capturing memories.
Kervin Coleman

College is a time when some are completely lost. There’s no better form of advice than asking students themselves for tips on how to be productive. Students provide seven different tips on how to deal with being a college student. 

1. Senior Sean Hernadez’s tip is not to skip any assignments.

“It’s important to manage your priorities in college, and coursework should be near the top of that,” Hernandez said. “No zeroes means a higher average which makes things easier.”

Zeros can contribute to a lower overall grade. Sometimes test grades won’t make it up, and students could receive a C+ instead of an A because of uncompleted homework assignments. 

2. Senior Rosalee Lachner’s tip is to make time for yourself and your life.

“Don’t go crazy trying to balance too many things at once all the time,” Lachner said. “School and sports aren’t everything.” 

Balance is the key to maintaining a healthy college experience. Sometimes things can be stressful and overwhelming. Students should relax, unwind, and keep their minds at peace by doing the things they like most. 

3. Senior Raymond Gorny’s tip is to do what makes you happy.

“Do what makes you happy and not what anyone else says,” Gorny said. “My mother didn’t want me to play football here, so I just went and shot for it.”

Mental health and stability are vital for maintaining success in college. It’s good to do activities that bring joy and clarity. 

4. Sophomore Eliza Filus’s tip is to do your homework and always attend class.

“I’m not good at this college stuff, so my takeaway is to attend everything and make sure I control what I can,” Filus said.

Homework and attendance can impact one’s overall grade by a letter or two. Going to class makes it easier to comprehend the material and complete assignments. 

5. Senior Joshua Jackson’s tip is to make the most of your college experience. 

“Enjoy your time here ‘cause it goes by quick,” Jackson said. “Don’t try to grow up too fast.”

When people come to college, they may hit a crossroads between their schooling and social life. Living in the moment can help people create memories that last forever. 

6. Senior Jaelen Hymes’s tip is to improve time management.

“Time management is the most important thing you’ll have to learn to maintain,” Hymes said. 

College can be time-consuming. Finding a balance between work, friends, and school can be a pain for many. When handled properly, time is manageable. 

7. Junior Cousette Valencia's tip is to build as many connections as possible. 

“Make connections with those around you and stay focused on your studies,” Valencia said.

College is all about networking and surrounding yourself with the right crowds. Networking can put people into better positions and contribute to their future. 

These tips can help students survive the rigors of campus life. Taking heed of this advice can aid in completing college successfully.