Student Health Services Wins Again!

Student Health Services professionals are awarded for their hard work.

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Student Health Services Wins Again!
Student Health Services receives the Patriot Award in the Miron Student Center
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Kristine Sparks
Fajr Eutsey

Student Health Services consists of many dedicated health professionals. This staff embraces many challenges of turbulent nature within the healthcare field. On Thursday, May 11, the department received the Patriot Award. 

The Patriot Award is for staff that support members of the National Guard. For the second consecutive year, Kean University’s Student Health Services received the award for their contributions to the community.

Army Reserves Ambassador of New Jersey Arthur G.A. Maggs Jr. presented the Patriot Award to this year’s recipients. Alongside Dr. Kristine Sparks, DNP, APN, a nurse practitioner, the two presented the following recipients with the award: 

  • Matthew Caruso, vice president of Student Affairs
  • Genique Stanislaus, executive director of Kean Wellness Center
  • Dr. Wazim Buksh, medical director of Student Health Services
  • Ana Rueda Gomez, medical assistant of Student Health Services
  • Mary Dennis, nurse practitioner for Student Health Services
  • Marci Blaszka, MSN, APN, nurse practitioner for Student Health Services
  • Carolyn Smith, DNP, FNP, nurse practitioner for Student Health Services

“Genique Stanislaus is our new executive director of the wellness center, and I really love that. You have a really good way about you, I respect you, [and] I would follow you,” said Dr. Sparks. 

Dr. Sparks shared her appreciation for her coworkers as she presented the awards. For Ana Rueda, Dr. Sparks expressed admiration for her constant support.

“A good medical assistant is passionate, smart, and so many other things that we need. She always has everything all laid out, she is always there for me, and I really love that about Ana,” said Dr. Sparks.

Within Student Health Services, there are times when staff have to meet with challenging patients. In these moments, Dr. Sparks spotlights Mary Dennis for her control of difficult situations. 

“She is so good with patients [and] she is wonderful. She can calm anyone down. If there is a difficult or challenging person, she is the one to get to them and help them because she is fantastic,” Dr. Sparks said. 

Supporting members of Student Health Services received Certificates of Appreciation.

The following are the recipients of the award:

  • Alice Colalillo, assistant director of operations of Kean Wellness Center
  • Taylor Williams, medical records coordinator of Kean Wellness Center
  • Adia Morris, professional services specialist of Kean Wellness Center
  • Rubich Cedeno Roa, a student at Kean University
  • Gya Perez, a student at Kean University
  • Rosemary Kimball, student assistant of Student Health Services
  • Madison Miller, a student at Kean University

Student Health Services is vital to the Kean community as they help people on and off campus. The professionals and clinicians of this department constantly demonstrate the ideals of hard work and dedication. The Student Affairs Media Team congratulates all Patriot Award recipients on their achievements.