iEngage at Kean

New Kean students participated in Kean’s iEngage event as a part of their new student experience.

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iEngage at Kean
Students gather around for freebies in the Miron Student Center Tech Lounge.
Arianna Barry

Apart of Kean University’s New Student Experience, Kean University hosted its iEngage event on Friday September 1st in the Miron Student Center. iEngage was one of the many events hosted as part of Kean’s Jump Into Kean Week. 

Kean’s iEngage event hosted several team games such as karaoke, pool tournaments, esports tournaments, sushi rolling, and a scavenger hunt.

The Path to Success scavenger hunt was hosted all over campus. Students received a star from each destination and learned about each organization. These organizations included Student government, Kean Pulse, Learning Commons,SUPERA,CAPS,Cougar Connections, Student Alumni Association, Wellness Center, Educational Innovation, Cougar Volunteers, Greek Life, and Involvement. The winner received a Nintendo Switch Game console.

On the MSC patio, students gathered and mingled while different activities took place. These activities included a dessert bar, intention bracelet making, pillow making , customized hats, food trucks, and a dance contest.

The gameroom hosted a gaming tournament along with a pool table tournament.

The tech lounge staff gave away free shirts and snacks. On the MSC patio students were given the opportunity to spin a wheel and get a prize. 

Incoming freshman students were asked what they looked forward to this upcoming semester and why they chose Kean. 

“I’m really looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends,”  Olivia Bortnik shared. 

“I chose Kean because I want to be a teacher and I heard that their teaching programs are really good”. Said Bortnik

Other students look forward to improving their grades and bettering themselves academically. 

While other freshman students stated how eager they were to get the “Kean experience “

“ I’m really looking forward to having the full Kean Experience, I chose Kean after I did my campus tour senior year highschool, I really like the vibe.” said incoming freshman Natalia McNeil.

Graphic design major Leona Jordan shares what she’s excited about this upcoming semester. “I’m really excited to get involved on campus and also maintain good grades. I’m a little shy but I wanna breakout of that and be more outgoing. I really like how people at Kean are very attentive and friendly “ Jordan states.

Being a new freshman student can be intimidating, however it’s important to put yourself out there and experience everything Kean has to offer. 

Incoming students share how they’re excited to join clubs, attend events on campus, and of course graduate.