Uwill Comes to Kean

Kean University’s Wellness Center partners with Uwill to cater to students mental health.

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Uwill Comes to Kean
Uwill comes to Kean to aid students with their mental health.
Photo courtesy of Uwill.
Arianna Barry

The mental health of Kean students is very important, stress can prevent them from being their best self and can ultimately weigh them down mentally. At Kean University, there are several programs and resources that can assist students with their mental health.

Uwill is a program founded by Michael London that has partnered with Kean to further mental health awareness and provide therapy. Uwill was founded in 2020 and today, it services up to 1.5 million people.

“Student mental health will be the defining higher education issue of our time,” said Uwill Founder Michael London.

Uwill’s goal is to aid students facing mental health crises through technology, by helping students find therapists and mental health facilities that’ll suit them.

On June 29, Uwill was announced EdTech company of the year by Global Tech Business Awards for being one of the top mental health resources for college students. 

Students who have utilized the resources of Uwill claim that they felt heard, and how it was relieving to have someone to vent to. 

“My therapist provided great feedback and challenged me to open myself to face the difficulties of my past self to allow my current and future self to heal,” said an anonymous student who benefits from Uwill's services. 

“ I appreciate my therapist’s time and willingness to listen to what I have to say. I would recommend him to any young man that’s struggling," said another anonymous student.

Uwill has partnered with Kean University to help and educate students on wellness and provide access to mental health resources including hotlines and therapists. 

Some further resources include:

  • Telehealth counseling.

  • Methods to managing stress such as meditation, nutrition, and yoga exercises. 

  • Access to counselors 24/7.

Uwill is aware of Kean’s Diverse and unique campus, students are able to choose their own therapist that aligns with their preferences such as gender, availability, language, and ethnicity. Students will be able to set up teletherapy sessions. Teletherapy sessions can be accessed by students with the use of their Kean email credentials.

Executive Director of the Kean Wellness Center, Genique Stanislaus, shared some words of wisdom that embody the important of services such as Uwill and the wellness resources on Kean's campus.