Kean's Greek Showcase and Barbecue

Kean students got first-hand experience of Greek Life at Kean.

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Kean's Greek Showcase and Barbecue
Kean students were able to see the unique qualities of Greek life.
Wayne Dawes

On Friday, September 1, Kean University held the Greek Showcase and Barbeque event. New students walked to the Miron Student Center (MSC) basketball courts where the event was held to see what Kean’s Greek life is all about. 

Multiple fraternities and sororities came out to the event as they strolled to the music played by the DJ. As they snacked on the free food that was provided, the audience was given a quick preview of what they can look forward to seeing at the Meet the Greeks event which is just a few weeks away. 

Junior Charles Cetta, president of the Nu Delta Pi fraternity, explained how the Greek showcase and the students who came out exemplifies the spirit of the Kean community. 

“I think it shows how big the community is, how close it is and that you see no one is really scared to get out there,” said Cetta.

It can be hard for students to make decisions regarding their interests in fraternities and sororities.

“Really talk to everyone, try to get a consensus about what each fraternity has to offer and then at the end of it you got to make your decision off of that,” said Cetta.

Senior and Marketing Major Anastasia Manes is the president of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. She explained her views on the event providing a space for Greek life and students, specifically new incoming students, to come together and have fun.

 “I absolutely think it’s amazing,” said Manes. “It really gives them a feel for what campus is like more than just during Meet the Greeks.”

For students who are thinking about joining a sorority, it may take time to find the right one. To help with this process, students can research and go to events on campus to get an idea of Kean’s Greek life.

“Definitely go out and talk to as many different people from different organizations as you possibly can. It's not about finding the org that you want to be in, it’s about finding where you want to feel at home,”said Manes.

The Greek showcase gave the participating fraternities, sororities and students a great time full of good vibes and good food. In addition to that, freshmen were able to experience an amazing event and gain information on Greek life as well.

For students interested in being a part of Greek life at Kean, feel free to visit the Greek Life page on Kean’s website for further information.