Reflection on the First Week

Kean students reflect on their first week of classes.

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Reflection on the First Week
With the start of a new academic year, students reflect on their first week of classes.
Wayne Dawes

Tuesday, September 5, was the start of a new school year for Kean students, faculty and staff. As mentioned by President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. during his opening address, Kean has surpassed the previous years in enrollment by far. With over 17,000 students attending the university, there are a lot of new faces on campus and a lot of new students experiencing Kean for the first time.

The first week of the semester was filled with events for students to get familiar with Kean’s campus and the Kean community. It is important for students to monitor how they are feeling throughout the semester and to partake in activities that add positivity to their lives. As the semester goes by, it can be challenging for students to focus on classes, work, and stay involved in extracurricular activities. 

Some Kean students decided to share about their first week of the semester.

“It actually wasn't that bad. I only have a couple of classes a day, I’m chilling and learning the campus,” said Chloe Pineda, a freshman at Kean. 

Pineda continued to express her excitement for experiencing college for the first time, she truly feels like Kean is a good place for her as both a student and young adult.

“Yeah, because I feel like it's just so lively here and I'm a very outgoing person,” said Pineda. “I love being out, I love the socialness in general … Kean is great with that, they always have new events coming up every time and I love it.”

Junior Britney Pimenta also shared her favorite moments of her first week of classes.

“It was good, I’m a junior so I’m pretty used to Kean, I feel like I have good classmates, good professors and I’m having a good time,” said Pimenta. 

Kean University continues to provide students with the resources, community, and opportunities to have a good experience on campus. Students can add to their college experience by joining clubs, applying for an on campus job, or attending the many events that Kean offers. 

As students continue to succeed throughout this semester, they should remember that they have the support of the Kean community as there is an abundance of opportunities at Kean for them to enjoy.