Student Advice on Friend-Making

Kean students give their advice on how students can make friends.

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Student Advice on Friend-Making
There are many ways for Kean students to make friends.
Wayne Dawes

Making friends in college is an essential part of the college experience, it is a way to connect with other students from different states and cultural backgrounds. It is also a way to build connections while working towards getting a degree and starting a career. At Kean University, there are ways to make friends on campus such as going into different places on campus, attending events that involve Kean students or just simply going up to someone and striking up a conversation.

Qauser Bajro, a sophomore at Kean, described how she has made a lot of friends at Kean and what her advice would be for students looking to make friends on campus.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to anybody because usually everybody’s friendly and go to events and the game room,” said Bajro. “I pretty much made all my friends in the game room because everybody’s friendly.”

Bajro also expressed how making friends in college is a bit easier than in high school.

“I think so because there’s all different types of people so you can go into any crowd you want,” said Bajro.

Tracy Burwell, a freshman at Kean has made a few friends so far and she decided to share a little advice to her fellow freshmen.

“My advice would be to be yourself and for me, how I met some people is that I complimented their outfit and kind of expressed what I liked about it and it kind of just brought in a conversation,” said Burwell. 

Kean is a diverse university with a variety of events, clubs, organizations, and opportunities for students to put themselves out there and get involved on campus. It is absolutely possible for Kean students to get involved with things that align with their interests and make amazing friends in the process, it just takes a little effort. 

Good luck making friends Kean Cougars!