Kean Wellness Center Grand Opening

The Kean Wellness Center had its grand opening, and the Kean community came out to celebrate.

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Kean Wellness Center Grand Opening
The Kean Wellness Center grand opening has made a great impact on the campus community.
Fajr Eutsey and Arianna Barry

It is important for students to prioritize their mental health. College students often face multiple stressors and struggle juggling those things along with schoolwork. At Kean University, there are multiple outlets and resources to aid students with their mental and physical needs.

On Wednesday, September 13, the Kean Wellness Center hosted a Wellness Expo from 12-5 p.m. in Downs Hall. The event kicked off with a tabling event. Attendees were given the opportunity to learn about different mental health resources on campus and receive multiple goodies. The tables included the following:

  • Cougar Pantry
  •  Kean’s Community Wellness and Counseling Center
  •  Student Government Association (SGA)
  • StrongMinds America
  • Gourmet Dining at Kean. 

The Cougar Pantry shared healthy recipes while Kean’s Community Wellness and Counseling Center gave away resin incense and discussed the free services they offer on campus.

For further information on Kean’s Community Wellness and Counseling Center students can email

SGA handed out croc charms and candy while trying to recruit potential members. StrongMinds America handed out lip balms and elaborated on the importance of mental health including how students can manage symptoms of depression. 

This tabling event was a success as it included several fun activities such as bucket hat decorating, multiple wheel spinnings, raffles, trail mix making, and pet therapy. 

Later on, from 3-5 p.m. the Kean Wellness Center had its grand opening. After undergoing a remodel, the center was finally ready to be reintroduced to the Kean community.

Graduate Student and Architecture Major, Kailey Biera explained the importance of mental health.

 “It’s definitely something that you need to protect because if it’s not good then you can’t do what you need to do,” said Biera.

She went on to explain her role in the event and why she was thrilled to attend.

“I’m with the crew that actually designed this event, I helped out a little bit,” said Biera.

Junior and Interior Design Major Dominique Patti also worked as an intern on the design and layout for the grand opening event and she shared her perspective on why the event was impactful.

 “I think that Kean students should take away from this event … First we have a brand new wellness center that’s been completely redone for students to take advantage of, come in, and also to know that they aren’t alone,” said Patti. “There is support here on campus.”

The Kean Wellness Center faculty and staff gathered to take a photo that will go down in Kean’s history. Executive Director of the Kean Wellness Center, Genique Stanislaus could be seen cutting a bright blue ribbon with giant scissors, signifying the reopening of the wellness center and the beginning of a new chapter in Kean’s health and wellness services.

Stanislaus provided insight on the changes that have occurred in the wellness center.

“We tried to make the wellness center a little bit more aesthetically pleasing for students, we actually removed walls between offices … so now when we want to integrate and move students throughout our offices, we can do that seamlessly,” said Stanislaus. “We brought a more holistic and comprehensive way to collaborate with each other.”

Stanislaus also gave her own definition of mental health as Kean strives to aid students with their mental and physical health through their health and wellness services.

“Mental health equals quality of life and a life that is balanced and fulfilling,” said Stanislaus. “Mental health means being aware of my personal, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and living my life in the way that is most meaningful to me.”

The Kean Wellness Center will always be a place of safety for students as they can receive services that will educate and empower them.

To learn more about the Kean Wellness Center, students can visit their page on Kean’s website.