A Premiere Theatre Experience

Premiere Stages at Kean is providing the Kean community with high quality performances.

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A Premiere Theatre Experience
This month, Premiere Stages at Kean is showing an action-packed play.
Fajr Eutsey

The Fall semester at Kean University is always filled with creativity and joy, Kean Premiere Stages embodies those feelings through their shows. According to Kean’s website, Premiere Stages is dedicated to serving the cultural needs of northern and central New Jersey through the development of high-quality equity theatre performances. Premiere Stages prioritizes their outreach to Kean students and tries to make shows and experiences at the theatre accessible via their pricing.  

From September 7-24, Premiere Stages will be showing “Selling Kabul.” The play is written by Sylvia Khoury and directed by Taylor Reynolds. The play presents the story of Taroon, a former interpreter for the U.S. military in Afghanistan. The play is set in the year of 2013, Taroon is forced to find a way to hide as the Taliban looks for him. Taroon is given a hard decision, he must find shelter in his sister’s apartment or risk his life to see the birth of his son.  

The play includes the following actors: 

  • Altra Asdou as Afiya 
  • Anat Cogan as Leyla 
  • Afsheen Misaghi as Jawid 
  • Zaveen Ovian as Taroon 

Tickets prices range from $15-$75 dollars: 

  • Students are $15. 
  • Kean alumni faculty and staff are $25. 
  • Senior citizens are $25. 
  • ADA is $20. 
  • Standard Admission is $35. 

To purchase tickets, the Kean community can visit the Premiere Stages at Kean website

Since 2004, Premiere Stages has been the professional equity theatre in residence at Kean University. They provide plays for the community, programs, educational initiatives, and professional development opportunities. Although the theatre is only showing one play right now, the Kean community can look forward to seeing many more as they are always adding more to their catalog. “Selling Kaboul,” has been shown in other theatres and now, it is finally its time to shine in New Jersey, this play is a thriller that the Kean community will not want to miss. 

Purchase a ticket and enjoy the show, Cougars!