Back 2 Basics: Wellbeing BBQ

Students ate food, socialized, and learned about Kean's resources.

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Back 2 Basics: Wellbeing BBQ
Attendees were able to get free food and Kean gear.
Fajr Eutsey

On Tuesday, September 5, Kean University’s Back 2 Basics: Wellbeing BBQ occurred and it was a success. The Miron Student Center patio was filled with students as they socialized and danced to the songs played by the DJ. 

“My friends got me to come to the event today,” said Natasha Rocha, a psychology major at Kean.

While some students attend campus events with their friends, others make an effort to get involved on campus to make friends.

“It’s important just to know people and to get around and make yourself comfortable,” said Freshman and Forensic Psychology Major Emmiley Taberas. 

Taberas went on to describe the Back 2 Basics: Wellbeing BBQ in one word.

“It’s unique, I haven’t heard of any other schools having this many welcome events,” said Taberas.

After checking into the event, students were given totes with T-shirts inside to serve as memorabilia. Exercise Science Major Kimberly Rosazo shared her excitement on scoring some free Kean apparel.

“I’m really excited to make new friends, meet new people and get some Kean gear, of course,” said Rosazo. “I got a tote bag with a shirt in it, I love it.”

Aside from great tunes, and free T-shirts, many students came out to the event for the food. There was a large variety of food and drinks for students to choose from including things such as hotdogs, burgers, pasta, brownies, cotton candy, and popcorn.

“The food,” said Imani Parson, a freshman at Kean, when stating her reason for attending the event.

In addition to the amazing freebies and the abundance of food, Kean students were able to learn more about the different resources on campus that are geared toward student wellness and support. Kean prioritizes students’ health and wellness needs and the barbeque was the perfect way to get students together to have fun and to learn important information. 

To learn more about Kean’s wellness resources, students can visit the Kean Wellness Center page on the Kean University website.