Candy Gram Service Project

Kean students volunteered their penmanship to create candy grams for the community.

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Candy Gram Service Project
On campus service projects are great opportunities for student volunteerism.
Fajr Eutsey

On Tuesday, August 29, Cougar Volunteers held an event in Miron Student Center, Room 315. From 2 - 4 p.m., students were able to engage in a crafty service project. Students provided positivity for the community as they created candy grams with kind messages to be distributed locally.

According to Cougar Link, Cougar Volunteers are Kean faculty, students and staff who are committed to service and volunteerism. Kean has extensive outreach and many different approaches to helping the community. 

During the event, participants learned about other opportunities for volunteerism and additional resources. Volunteerism opportunities and resources for Kean students include:

  • Community Food Bank of New Jersey

  • City Relief 

  • Cougar Pantry

  • International Rescue Committee

Students should familiarize themselves with these resources as they can be helpful for students themselves and can contribute to a deeper understanding of the community. 

“We try to provide students on campus with service opportunities throughout the semester,” said Martha Julemis, a graduate assistant for The Center of Leadership and Service.

Julemis shared how her passion for volunteerism is rooted in her upbringing. 

“We would do projects where we would help people in the community who were looking for resources that they did not have,” said Julemis. “I grew up with the idea of giving back to others and treating others the way you want to be treated, everyone deserves a shot at anything.” 

The Cougar Volunteers Candy Gram Service Project was a success as it allowed students to relax, listen to good music, and write messages that will have a positive impact. 

“Our office is very student focused, we try to build on our relationship with students on campus, whether it be through the clubs and organizations or if it’s students coming on a service project, we try to let them know about what is happening next and encourage them to come back,” said Julemis.

To find out more about community service and volunteerism opportunities please visit Cougar Link and to learn more about the Center for Leadership and Service, students may visit Kean University’s website