Kean Students Move On In

Kean Students are excited about living on campus and starting their college journeys.

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Kean Students Move On In
Students move into Kean residence halls. 
Fajr Eutsey

College move-in day is one of the most exciting days for college students as they are transitioning into a new chapter of their lives. During this time, students may feel a variety of emotions while they are preparing for the start of the semester, setting up their dorm rooms, and creating a routine for the school year. 

Some Kean students had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the move-in process and what they are looking forward to while living on campus. 

“It was easy, it was fast,” said Cadence Bowlin when describing her move-in process.

Bowlin went on to explain some of the changes that students experience when they move into their dorms and start their classes.

“I’m excited to meet new people and to have more responsibility,” said Bowlin. “It’s like I’m really growing up.” 

Roommates Victoria Gomez and Caitlyn Kunzman spoke about their move-in experience and how many students feel after all of their stuff is moved into their new space. 

“It was stressful, we saw all the bins on our floor and we didn’t even know where to begin,” laughed Gomez.

Although organizing a new space can be challenging, many Kean students appreciate the design of their residence halls.

“It’s really really pretty,” said Gomez and Kunzman in unison when speaking about Freshman Hall. 

While it is important for students to move into their dorms and find comfort in their new homes away from home, creating academic goals for the semester can be a healthy foundation for a successful school year as well.

“I want to start making better studying habits and getting acclimated to my classes,” said Nala Washington, a freshman at Kean. 

Move-in day is a special time when students begin to discover or reaffirm their place within the Kean community. Kean students are encouraged to socialize and attend programs and events on campus, it is the perfect way to decompress from the chaos of moving in. 

Students can visit Cougar Link to learn more about events and activities.