This is Greek Life: Sorority edition

Sororities and Greek senate give students insight on Greek life

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This is Greek Life: Sorority edition
Kappa Beta Gamma photo
Wayne Dawes

On September 21st the Meet the Greeks event took place at Harwood Arena from 6 to 10 pm. Meet the Greeks is an annual event for Kean University and is an important time for students who are interested in joining an organization to see what is the right fit for them. This event gives organizations a great opportunity to showcase who they are and what they are all about. Being in a sorority gives women the opportunity to be a part of a sisterhood that can build lifelong friendships, opportunities, and community service. As for the Greek senate, they feel amazed to see how successful Greek life is and how students are interested.

Kayla Mendez, a senior at Kean University is a member of the Kappa Beta Gamma, gave us insight on how she feels to represent her sorority in front of the Kean community.

“I love my sorority, it's done so much for me so I’m really confident to wear my letters on campus”, said Mendez.

Having expressed her devotion to her sorority, Kayla explains what Kappa Beta Gamma can add to a student's life who is interested in joining.

“Definitely leadership skills and networking opportunities are the two biggest things that we offer in our organization”, said Mendez.

Being in a sorority can be a big commitment as it requries you to put in the necessary hours needed to meet the organization's expectations. Kayla goes on to explain how her sisters in Kappa Beta Gamma keep her motivated during her journey in Greek life.

“Definitely service keeps me involved with Greek life and all of the Greek senate events that we host here at Kean", she goes on to say "I definitely wouldn’t be as happy to be here if it wasn’t for them [my sisters]”, said Mendez.

Caroline Antonio, Coordinator for Student Involvement and who oversees the Greek senate, was asked how she felt about this Meet the Greeks event.

“It feels so good to see everybody come out to support our Greek organizations, Meet the Greeks is a traditional event here at Kean University so we love to see the support that we get”, said Antonio.

Caroline also gave advice to any student who may want to see which option is right for them when it comes to joining an organization.

“Definitely take your time to look at different organizations we have to offer, really look to see if their mission and values align with yours, and look on Cougar Link to see when they are hosting events. Our Greek organizations host events every semester”, said Antonio.

Greek life is a big part of the Kean community and people always have the opportunity to see which Greek event is being hosted as Greek life hosts various types of events during the Fall and Spring semesters, to get more information on future dates check out the Cougar Link website.

Also, look out for our upcoming This is Greek Life: Fraternity Edition, featuring some of our Divine 9 fraternities.