Ditch The Cable, Switch To Streaming

Stop wasting your money on cable! Kean University provides OnStream where you can watch your favorite shows

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Ditch The Cable, Switch To Streaming
Students using the onstream streaming service
Arianna Barry

Still, sitting in front of the T.V. Waiting for your favorite shows to be on? Still paying for Netflix, Hulu, Paramount, or other streaming services? No need to share a Hulu account as Kean University provides OnStream where you can watch all your favorite shows and programs.

OnStream is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, and Chrome. This streaming service is free to all Kean Students using the Kean Wi-Fi, whether you’re stuck in between classes, procrastinating on your homework, or lounging in your dorm. To access OnStream go to www.watchdishtv.com and log in with your Kean Credentials. With OnStream you can access channels like NBC, Fox, CW, My9, CNN, ESPN, TBS, MTV, TLC, and many more!

You can even stream popular shows on demand such as American Horror Story, Loki, Lupin, The Bear, One Piece, Suits, and other trending shows. You can access OnStream on your computer, mobile device, or tablet. To access OnStream go to Watchdishtv.com OnStream can be cast to your T.V. through your mobile device.

Streaming your favorite shows and movies is not only cost effective, but more convenient. You can watch what you want when you want, there are no contracts, and you can enable parental controls. With streaming you don’t have to worry about chunky wires and bulky cable boxes, all you have to do is download an app, log in to your account, and watch your favorite shows. With different streaming services, you can even access news channels rather than paying almost $200 a month to watch news channels in a cable bundle.

Kean wants to ensure that all of their students are entertained especially on campus, this is a great way for students to access a streaming service that doesn’t require them to go into their pockets. As cable television and movie theaters are starting to become a thing of the past, the new world of streaming is taking over and providing easier access for students