Todo Unidos: Hispanic community represents at Kean

Hispanic Heritage Month celebration continues with Todo Unidos.

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Todo Unidos: Hispanic community represents at Kean
Wayne Dawes

Hispanic Heritage Month is annually celebrated from September 15th to October 15th in the United States. It is a time when the Hispanic community is celebrated and recognized for its history, culture, journeys, and achievements. Hispanic Heritage started in the United States in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week. In 1988 it was then expanded to be a 30-day observation as it was enacted into law on August 17th, 1988. The reason for Hispanic Heritage Month beginning on September 15th is because that day is the anniversary of Latin American countries gaining their independence such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica.

Kean University prides itself on being a diverse university, anybody of any ethnicity is allowed to express their culture on campus and this Hispanic Heritage Month event was no different.

On September 26th, Kean Pulse held the Todos Unidos event that took place from 6 to 8:30 p.m., at Downs Hall. The event was filled with students all from different Hispanic backgrounds, coming together and having a good time. There was a DJ playing the many varieties of Hispanic music as attendees sang and danced along. An assortment of food and drinks was provided as there were numerous servers offering items to try for everyone in attendance. At the event, there were multiple tables with different activities to do. One table featured a trivia game, where all of the Hispanic flags were displayed. The host would ask you to guess the country by the flag and if you got it right you were able to receive any flag of your choice. At another table, attendees of the event spun a wheel and answered a question about Hispanic Heritage. The winner received any candy of their choice displayed on the table.

Tatiana Del Valle is a Kean P.U.L.S.E Manager and she expressed representation of the Hispanic community here at Kean.

“I think Kean does a great job. The reason why I chose Kean University was because of how diverse it is and how much they put into celebrating each person's race, ethnicity, etc”, said Del Valle.

The event went on to have a few dance groups come out to the floor and perform Bachata dances as the crowd cheered them on.

Hispanic Heritage Month is special to all of those part of the Hispanic community. Kean University takes pride in ensuring everyone within our community feels represented no matter what or who they are.