Tips and tricks for students during midterms

Preparing for midterms can be hectic, here are some tips and tricks for students

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Tips and tricks for students during midterms

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Ch'nya Howard

Over the past few weeks, Kean students have undergone testing for midterms. As many are aware, midterm exams can be extremely stressful, especially for freshmen. Students are expected to study course materials and take exams while balancing their social lives, maintaining other homework assignments, and planning for their futures. As exam week can be demanding for all students of any classification, it can be more of a challenge for freshmen. Freshmen are still adjusting to college as it is a different world compared to high school.

There were a few freshmen who spoke about their midterm experience and how they prepared for them. Olivia Sarton, a Freshman, and Chemical Engineering Major from Cranford, NJ explained what she expected for midterms.

“I know that high school midterms were stressful. But college, I know that the material is going to be harder, but it feels more laid back because high school was so intense about it. Right now, I’m feeling okay about it besides chemistry," said Sarton.

Taylor Hoffman, a first-year student, and Education Major from Garwood, NJ mentioned how she is preparing for her midterm exams. “I made a few study sets on Quizlet so far, and then I have flashcards as well.”

Coming up with ways to study for midterms in college is important whether that is taking notes, creating flashcards, going to the tutoring center, or studying with classmates. there are many resources to help you pass your exams.

Another Freshman student, Mallory Ens, a Psychology Major from Hancock, NY expressed her overall confidence level towards taking the exams.

“It’s pretty high. I think I’m going to do good...The workload is okay, but it’s like a lot worse than high school. But I’m confident and I think I’ll do good.” 

No matter what year a student is in, exams can still be an uneasy subject and can cause uneasiness and concern. Fortunately, there are measures that all students can take to prepare for midterm exams and cope with the stresses that come with exam week.

Kean University has a PDF file available that lists study and self-care tips to try during midterms. Some tips listed include remembering to eat, sticking to a sleep schedule, having a space dedicated to studying, getting involved with study groups, and creating studying notes. More tips include self-care, meditation, going outside, disconnecting from social media, and giving yourself attention and care specific to your needs were helpful suggestions.  

It is important to remember to keep a healthy balance to prevent burnout, overload, and increased stress levels. Suggestions like the ones listed and described in the source can help decrease nervousness and promote stability during midterm exam week. Also, remember to take advantage of the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons and the Center for Advising, Persistence, and Success (CAPS) for more resources.