This is Greek Life: Fraternity edition

The meet the greeks event gives students insight on what greek life is all about

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This is Greek Life: Fraternity edition
Alpha Phi Alpha
Wayne Dawes

Happening at the beginning of the fall semester, the annual Meet the Greeks event took place at Harwood Arena on September 21. Meet the Greeks is a great opportunity for students to see which sororities/fraternities fit them in the long run. Of the bunch, many fraternities came out to represent their organization, engaging with students who were interested in joining, and also giving insight into who they are and what they have to offer.

Jazaan Walsh, a senior at Kean University is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, he expresses how it is to witness Divine 9 organizations flourish at Kean.

“What it means to represent my organization is to give the representation for D9 organizations, It's great to see the divine 9 organizations here on campus”, said Walsh.

When it comes to joining a fraternity there are a lot of benefits to branching out and seeing what’s the right fit for you such as brotherhood, job opportunities, and a great support system. Jazaan goes on to explain what the Alpha Phi Alpha's can offer to someone looking to join. “My organization can offer brotherhood, community service, and uplifting everyone around us”, said Walsh.

Looking for an organization can be overwhelming, especially for someone who is coming out of their shell. Jazaan gives a helpful tip for those seeking brotherhood.

“My advice to any student looking to join an organization is to be yourself, don’t put on a facade or feel as if you have to act one way or do certain things to fit in”, said Walsh.

The Meet the Greeks event is a great opportunity for people to put themselves out there. As for the organization, it’s a great time to come together, do their rituals, and showcase what they have to offer the Kean community.

Another fraternity to give insight into their organization and advice to students was the Iota Phi Theta's. Justice Witcher, a member of the Beta Xi chapter, shares his view on what it is like to be an Iota here at Kean.

“It’s really an honor to represent this illustrious organization for this beautiful campus”, said Witcher.

Learning about how people join fraternities can make the process easier for those who are questioning the process of joining an organization, Witcher shares his reasons why he decided to join Iota Phi Theta.

“Personally I was always surrounded by Iota’s, the morals and the principles of this organization always resonated with me. I got to meet the brothers here at the chapter and we instantly clicked”, said Witcher.

Justice then goes on to explain what Iota Phi Theta Fraternity can offer someone looking to join their organization.

"Our organization values diversity and an open mind, open to making a change, also people who don't fit the boundaries or they don't fit the mold so that's what we represent.

When it comes to joining a fraternity there are plenty of organizations that offer diversity, and an opportunity to build a brotherhood, there is no need to fit the typical boundaries or norms of Greek life as you get accepted for who you are as a person.