What Cougars bite on

Students at Kean share their favorite dining spots

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What Cougars bite on
Arianna Barry

Kean always makes sure the students are always fed, whether you dorm or commute, there are several spots on campus to satisfy your cravings. In the Miron Student Center, there are multiple options for a quick meal, these places include Smashburger, Auntie Anne’s, Jersey Mike’s, Cougar’s Den, Bamboo Asian Cuisine, Knead Pizza, and Latin American cuisine Sono.

If you are studying in the Nancy Thompson Library There’s a Starbucks located in the Library. You can also order Starbucks at the student bookstore, which is across the street from the Vermella shopping center. At the Vermella shopping center, there is also ColdStone Ice Cream, Chipotle, Panera, The Habit, Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, and &pizza.

Students at Kean are able to use their Kean flex dollars in certain restaurants around campus such as Ursino Steakhouse, Applebees, Bubbakoos Burritos, H&S Soul Food, Cold Stone Ice Cream, Mark Twain Diner, Rob’s Deli, Auntie Anne’s, Suspenders Restaurant and Pub, Tropicana Diner, The Juice House, Vinci’s Pizzeria, and any vending machine on campus.

To order your favorite meal on campus you can use the Boost dining mobile app. This app features all the restaurants in the Miron Student Center (MSC) including Cougar’s Den.

Emily Nugera Desilva, majoring in Biology shares why Chipotle is her top choice when it comes to food around campus.

“I like eating at the Chipotle on campus because there’s not many healthy options. Also, Chipotle has everything,” said Desilva

Celia Lefflur a senior at Kean states that Cougar Den is her favorite place due to the amount of options available. “ Cougar Den is my favorite place to eat as there's a good amount of options,” said Lefflur.

Asiah Mohammed, a senior and Psychology major expresses his opinion on Smash Burger.

“Smashburger just because you can never really go wrong with a burger and fries, also the milkshakes are pretty nice,” said Mohammed.

Leah Andeli, a freshman, majoring in Exercise Science explains how Auntie Anne’s is convenient especially with her being a commuter. “Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Place is my go-to, just because it’s close, convenient, and as a commuter, I really need a quick bite".

Kean University provides multiple dining options for students as it is affordable and convenient for students who commute or stay on campus. Make sure to take advantage of your flex dollars and expand your palate.