Exploring Educational Resources

Having a hard time with an essay? Or struggling in a subject? Kean provides several educational resources

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Exploring Educational Resources
The resources students have at Kean
Arianna Barry

Kean University provides a plethora of resources for students whether that be financial aid, housing, mental health counseling, alcohol and drug services, and of course educational services like tutoring and writing centers.

In the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons, you can schedule a tutoring session online. On-campus ACCESS provides late-night tutoring for on-campus students, with no appointment necessary ACCESS Tutoring is available from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday at the Learning Center in Freshman Residence Hall. The Learning Center also provides an EOF Program. This program aids Kean students in tutoring groups by offering financial assistance to students at a financial disadvantage.

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program’s mission is to make sure students get their bachelor’s degrees and achieve their academic goals. EOF hosts workshops that educate students on the importance of development skills pertaining to their field of study.

For students who may need help with a paper or struggle with concluding an essay, The writing center located in the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons helps students with grammar, citation, proofreading, brainstorming, organization, thesis development, and references. The Writing Center also helps students with lab reports, dissertation papers, and other academic essays.

Workshops and Webinars are hosted in the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons. These workshops include: graduate writing, Community Yoga, Dungeons and Dragons, Zen Zone, advanced database searching, and transfer student transitioning workshops.

Public speaking can often be nerve-wracking and intimidating. The Nancy Thompson Learning Commons also offers Kean Students help with public speaking by aiding them with skills such as speech preparation, confidence building, audience interaction, delivery skills, and overcoming speech barriers. These skills will ensure students are ready to speak in front of a large audience whether it’s at a conference, class presentation, or research days.

If you are a nervous test taker or maybe time management isn’t your strongest skill. Academic Coaching at The Nancy Thompson Learning Commons offers students with skills such as time management, test prep, study techniques, and proper organizational skills.

For those who are interested in booking a session or utilizing the resources at the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons? Visit libguides.kean.edu.