No Planet B event hosted by Kean pulse

No Planet B educated attendees on the dangers and risks associated with global warming

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 No Planet B event hosted by Kean pulse
Kean pulse hosted the No Planet B event on October 9 2023 at the miron student center
Arianna Barry

On Monday, October 9, Kean Pulse hosted the No Planet B event in the Miron Student Center Atrium at 3:30PM. Four different stations were set up to educate attendees about global warming and different environmental elements. The four stations presented at the event were the fire station, water station, air station, and earth station.

The fire station educated attendees about wildfires and gave away free pins as they spun the wheel and answered questions related to fire safety. Pin the tail on the whale was played at the Water station while discussing the dangers of plastic to the ocean, how to conserve water usage and ways to prevent water pollution. 

The air station went over how polluted the ozone layer has become over the last five years. The Earth station went on to discuss the importance of recycling and gave attendees a demo on how to properly dispose different types of recyclable materials. Once attendees completed the tasks at each station, they were given the opportunity to enter a giveaway and receive free T-shirts and tote bags.

At the event, some students voiced their opinions on the state of global warming and how it needs to be addressed. 

Elijah Lee, an English major, states how global warming needs to be viewed with an open mind. “There’s things that we need to change and people need to be more open-minded when it comes to global warming,” said Lee.

Pollution and toxic waste are affecting millions of people across the country. Anderson Ortiz, a management major, expresses how America has played a role when it comes to the state of pollution.

“I feel like America plays a large part in endangering our planet; pollution is at an all-time high,” said Ortiz. 

According to, there are plenty of ways to slow down global warming, one way is to eat the food you buy and compost what you can’t. About 40 percent of food goes to landfills where they release methane which is a primary contributor to air pollution. 

Students believe Speaking up and taking action towards global warming are the things we need to do to improve the earth. Riley O’Donnell a physical therapy major, expresses how people should put their beliefs aside and come together to fix a global issue.

“ Some people think it isn’t real or that it’s a hoax, but I believe it’s real and we need to take action toward fixing it,” said O’Donnell. 

No Planet B gave attendees great insight into how they can play a role in saving our planet, as multiple stations educated students about each problem involving global warming.