Campus Safety: Alert Alert!

Download the Rave Mobile Safety for campus safety updates.

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Campus Safety: Alert Alert!

 Have you heard of the new emergency communications tool Rave Mobile Safety? 

Navigating safety while on Kean University's campus, just became easier with the addition of Rave Mobile Saftey. The platform and downloadable app shares notifications and emergency alerts with the entire campus community. Alerts also include power outages, IT service disturbances, incidents involving security, university closures, adjustments to remote working, and other important reports. Numerous schools and institutions of higher education also use Rave Mobile Safety.

The app was put to the test on September 19, as a public safety incident occurred, and phone calls, emails, and texts were sent out to all Kean students, staff, and affiliates to inform everyone of the incident.  

Kean students are automatically registered through KeanWise with the contact information provided. Kean faculty and staff are registered through the contact information submitted in Workday. 

Everyone should review their Rave contact information to ensure it is updated, use the steps below: 

Kean Students: 

  • Sign into your KeanWise account  

  • Confirm your text-enabled phone number on record is accurate  

  • To update your phone number: 

    • Select ‘Address Change’ under ‘User Account’  
    • Add updated mobile, text-enabled number  
    • Label the number as a cell phone via the dropdown menu  

Kean Faculty and Staff: 

  • Sign into Workday  

  • Click on profile photo, in upper right, then ‘View Profile’ 

  • Click on ‘Contact’ 

  • Edit ‘Home Contact Information,’ then ‘Phone Number’ 

  • Make sure that your mobile, text-enabled number is marked as ‘Primary’ under “Home Contact Information” 

  • Click ‘Submit’ 

To receive the alerts by text messages, make sure the correct phone number is listed. It is best that a mobile device be listed as the primary phone number in the Home Contact Information field. Also, the alerts and announcements are sent to your Kean email ( account. Voicemails and social media posts on Kean University’s accounts are also used depending on the severity of the situation.  

You can also download the app, Rave Guardian, using the App Store on iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. The Rave Guardian app sends out vital emergencies and functional notifications. In addition, the app provides prompt notifications, connects response teams, conveys safety requests, and strengthens emergency feedback.  

Rave Mobile Safety is managed by the Office of Computer and Information Services (OCIS), Kean University Police and University Relations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Computer and Information Services (OCIS) Help Desk by phone at (908) 737-6000.