Powering Up with Playa Power Bowls

Students learned ways to cope with daily stress while enjoying Playa Bowls

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Powering Up with Playa Power Bowls

Students enjoy Playa Bowls while learning ways to cope with daily stressors. 

Ch'nya Howard

On Thursday, November 16, Destress Fest hosted by the Student Government Association of Kean University, took place at the Miron Student Center in the Greek Lounge. From 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., students learned about ways to ease stress from midterms and other educational commitments while enjoying free Playa Bowls.

Carli Hench, a licensed clinical social worker, owner of Center for Clarity and Consciousness LLC, and full-time therapist led the event and informed students about the senses and how they contribute to our feelings. “We’re engaging in five different sensory stations that tap into our nervous system to help us regulate our emotions and overall, just cope better with day-to-day stressors,” said Hench.

During the event, participants made their own sensory boxes filled with objects that stimulate the senses and initiate pleasurable sensory experiences. The event also included a smell station that allowed students to learn information about the effects of aromatherapy while they filled up roller bottles with their preferred essential oil. As students were filling their sensory boxes with items such as timers, peppermints, slimes, marbles, chocolate candies, and stress balls, other students were enjoying the tranquility of coloring on coloring pages.

Ugochi Adibemma, a sophomore and Public Health major from Union, shared her thoughts about the event and something valuable that she learned. “I feel like it’s a really good event. I feel like it’s a way for us to really de-stress, stop in between classes, come, and get some Playa Bowls. Essential oils are a good way to help you stay calm, Although essential oils smell good if you get it on your skin, it can cause irritation,” said Adibemma.

While many students looked forward to learning ways to cope with stress, others like Jadyn Sullivan, senior and Psychology major from Montville, were thrilled about the Playa Bowls, “Oh my god, I saw the Playa Bowls and I love Playa Bowls,” said Sullivan.

The Destress Fest was a success with many students being able to learn ways to cope with stress not only from exams but from daily life encounters. Now, students are prepared to handle life’s pressures efficiently.