As the holidays approach, students reflect on the fall 2023 semester

Kean students reflect on their fall semester.

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As the holidays approach, students reflect on the fall 2023 semester
Ch'nya Howard

As the Fall 2023 semester comes to an end and the Kean community prepares for the holiday break, students have the opportunity to reflect on the semester, their expectations, and what they have learned. Although Spring 2024 is some weeks away, Kean students can still use this past semester to prepare for the upcoming school term. The Student Life Media Team spoke with students about the Fall 2023 semester and asked them whether it had met their expectations and if there was anything they would do differently for Spring 2024.

Franchesca Navarro, a senior and Psychology major from West New York, N.J. shared her thoughts on her fall semester and how it has met her expectations. “It’s been good, really easy so far. It’s just a lot of homework and papers to do, but it’s good.” When asked if there is anything she would do differently for Spring 2024, Navarro said, “To have better time management,” said Navarro.

Psychology major and senior, from Newark, Ayomide Adeniji, stated that she enjoyed this semester because she had more spare time. “Honestly, it’s been pretty good. I had, for the first time, only classes three days of the week...I had fun because I had more free time this time around and my schedule was easy to build.” When asked if the semester has met her expectations, Adeniji replied “Yes, because I was able to take on more stuff. Like I’ve been helping coach the cheerleading team that we just formed, and I also worked with Kean Scholar Academy,” said Adeniji

Justina Dejesus, a Psychology major, and sophomore from Whitehouse Station, N.J. shared that the fall term has met her expectations. “It has, honestly. There has been a lot more activities and stuff going on campus that I feel like benefited me this semester. And a lot of networking programs as well,” said Dejesus.

Jake Pierro, a Computer Science major, and sophomore from Red Bank, N.J. enjoyed his semester and the recreation available on campus. “It’s been really good. Class has been really good. There’s a lot of things to do on campus, a lot of activities and ways to get involved.” When questioned if the fall term has met his expectations Pierro stated, “Definitely, yes.” He also stated what he would do differently for Spring 2024, “Probably just study more for my finals and be more on top of my schoolwork,” said Pierro.

With the Fall 2023 term ending, students have the break to not only rest but prepare for the next semester. Make sure to check out Kean resources for a successful Spring 2024 school year.