A Season of Self-Love and Health; Kickoff to the Season of Love

Kean students were welcome to express their love for themselves for Valentine's Day.

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 A Season of Self-Love and Health; Kickoff to the Season of Love
Ch'nya Howard

On Thursday, February 1, the Student Government Association Class of 2025, Kean Wellness Center, and the Student Government Freshman Class of 2027 hosted Hearts & Health in the MSC Alumni Atrium. From 2 to 5 p.m., students were able to participate in several activities about love to receive cupcakes and carnations at the end. The event allowed students to learn about self-love and protection during this season of love. The table activities present were the Wellness Center, Self-Care Coloring, Heart Stamps, Spin to Win, and Caring Cards. Students enjoyed writing something they love about themselves and great advice on colorful hearts and answering questions for a chance to win a prize.

Hadasha Angie Ramirez, speech-language hearing sciences major and junior from Linden explained the purpose of the event.

“We’re just promoting about Valentine’s Day, self-love, giving love back. It’s a really good event to just really connect with people," said Ramirez. "[We’re] also creating postcards, coloring...It’s just a good time to give back and show love to one another, especially to yourself, especially around this month,” said Ramirez.

Marylin Rodriguez, a freshman and finance major from Kenilworth, shared who comes to mind when she thinks of the word love and the importance of self-love. “My mom. She’s the first one,” said Rodriguez.

“It’s very important. I feel like a lot of us forget to take care of ourselves. We can be harsh and hold grudges,” said Rodriguez.

Criminal justice major and freshman from Elizabeth, Ashly Caballero, shared her thoughts on the event.

“I think it’s really cute. It’s a fun way to really think about yourself. And then also getting a cupcake, it’s just cute, I like it.” Caballero also shared how valuable self-love is to her. “Oh, very important. I think it can really enhance one’s life and enhance not only our image but how we see other people,’’ said Caballero.

Melanie Underwood, an economics major and freshman from Maryland, revealed who she thought of when thinking about the word love.

“I think of my little brother. He’s everything to me, he’s like my little mini-me.” Underwood disclosed the significance of self-love in her life. “It’s very important. If you don't have love for yourself, how could you love anybody else?,” said Underwood.

The Hearts and Health event was a great success. Students appreciated the cupcakes, carnations, and the tables allowing students to display their self-love.