The Selfless Act of Giving: Kean Blood Drive

The Kean Community participates in the selfless act of giving blood.

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The Selfless Act of Giving: Kean Blood Drive

Kean community taking part in donating blood for those in need. 

Ch'nya Howard

On Tuesday, January 23 the Center for Leadership and Service hosted this month’s Blood Drive. From 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. all were welcome to donate blood at Down Halls. The Blood Drive is hosted every month at Kean in participation with New Jersey/New York Blood Services in the selfless act of giving blood to those in need. According to the American Red Cross, the blood donated is used for individuals reliant on surgery, cancer treatments, and blood transfusions. Snacks and beverages such as Gatorade, water, apple juice, cookies, PopCorners, Oreos, and Cheez-It were available for donors after they donated blood and for those who did not have anything to eat or drink beforehand.

Genevieve Toscano of the Blood Services explained the Blood Drive’s purpose and procedure.

“We’re doing a Blood Drive today. We do this once a month here at Kean...We’re having student volunteers donate blood and then we bring that blood to our lab in New York, test it, make sure everything is okay with the blood, and then it goes to area hospitals and then it goes to a patient that needs it,” said Toscano. “So, like somebody that has leukemia, or was in a car accident, or sickle cell anemia, there’s lots of reasons why people need blood.”

Many students like freshman and Biology major from Cuba, Claudia De La Yglesia, decided to give blood because she realized the positive impact it had on people’s lives “Because I can help other people,” said Del La Ygelsia.

Biology major and freshman from Newark Mariana Guerini became a donor because of her personal experience.

“It’s my third time donating...When I found out that there was a shortage and my sister needed blood in 2020 after a surgery, once I had the age to donate, I found out that it was very important to start donating,” said Guerini.

Sharndeep Kaur, a Criminal Justice major and sophomore from Roselle Park participated in the Blood Drive realizing that there are people in need of blood.

“It helps people out. Sometimes, it’s not their fault, some accidents happen. If there’s no blood, how can you save lives? So, I think it’s good. So, it’s like to help people out, I kinda like it,” said Kaur.

The Blood Drive at Kean University happens monthly. For more intel and future opportunities to participate, contact the Center for Leadership and Service in the Miron Student Center, Room 219, or check out the Community and Volunteer Services section at for contact information.