What Are Cougars Wearing?: Y2K Edition

Kean students share their thoughts about Y2K fashion making a comeback and their go-to outfits.

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 What Are Cougars Wearing?: Y2K Edition
Ch'nya Howard

With New York Fashion Week kicking off fashion month and the Y2K era making a comeback, the Cougars Byte talked to Kean students to get feedback and opinions on the trends and popular brands of our time. As we know, fashion is unique, and style is subjectively tailored to everyone's preferences. Students gave an insight into their go-to outfits for any occasion and their thoughts on vintage styles making their way back to the media.

Kelly Perez, a psychology major and freshman from Freehold, New Jersey, gave her reasons for supporting the resurgence of the Y2K fashion.

“I really like it. I like the designs and everything. I like how everything is just coming back.” Perez also shared her go-to style. “As of right now, literally just like jeans and a sweatshirt or like sweatpants and a hoodie.”

Rachel Michel, a human resources management major and freshman from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, also discussed her liking for the early 2000s aesthetic coming back.

“I think it’s good, I like the style, I know a lot of people say it’s not what people were wearing in the 2000s, but I think it’s nice," said Michel. She also discussed her reliable outfit for any occasion. “I like wearing my platform Doc Martens, maybe like leather pants, and a turtleneck and a cardigan."

Information technology major and junior from Newark, New Jersey, Daniel Santo explained why he likes the idea of this popular era of fashion returning.

“I think it’s great, especially for fashion because with that it allows us to implement more fashion trends, and also allows us to understand where fashion originated from. it’s also a good chance for everybody to show off what they’re able to do and it also shows people’s capacity of their fashion sense and also what they know about their history as well,” said Santo.

Santos also discussed his favorite brands, “Nike, so like Air Jordan, I love buying shoes, Adidas too they have some nice clothes that I like to buy, and also making my own shirts. I know it’s not a brand, but I also like to make my own shirts sometimes,” said Santos. “I like to go to Michaels and actually like to put name brands on shirts so that way it looks like I’m walking around boujee even though I’m not.”

Students within the Kean community are in full support of Y2K fashion making a comeback and influencing our styles. Time will tell if this era remains our favorite through the Spring and Summer seasons.