Spring 2024 Career & Internship Fair

Kean students were invited to talk to employers for career and internship opportunities.

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Spring 2024 Career & Internship Fair

Students speaking with employers. 

Ch'nya Howard

On Monday, March 18, Kean Cougars were invited to attend the Spring 2024 Career & Internship Fair at Harwood Arena. The event was hosted by Career Services, Kean P.U.L.S.E. Programming Board, Kean Sports Business Club, and the Cougar Career Club. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., students were able to converse with employers and search for future job opportunities.

Kean Cougars were prepared with their resumes and professional attire to impress over 170 employers. The Career & Internship Fair also offered participants food and drinks such as sandwiches, chips, cookies, iced tea, and lemonade. In addition, the students were able to practice their elevator pitches with Kean Alumni and enter a raffle.

Emily Lari, a Business Management major and freshman from North Bergen shared why she decided to take part in the Career & Internship Fair.

“Well, I was currently looking for PS&S. I spoke with them about two weeks ago for a possible internship in the summer. And I spoke with them again today and it looks like I could be possibly getting that internship in the summer, so I’m really excited,” said Lari. “But, I’m mostly here to just look at other finance-related tables because my goal is to be a financial advisor.”

Environmental Biology major and sophomore from Newark, Dereck Ayerh, shared how he prepared for meeting potential employers.

“Well, I looked on the flyer and I got prepared according to what the flyer told me. So, I prepared my resume, I made sure I came looking professional, and I practiced my elevator pitch," said Ayerh.

Ayerh also revealed why he participated in the fair.

“Because I feel like it’s a great opportunity when the semester is ending, trying to look for summer internships, careers, to better my resume.”

Reginald Cosmeus, a Business Analytics major and sophomore from Maplewood, mentioned how he prepared for success.

“Essentially, I built out my resume from a long time ago but after I heard the news, I kind of rearranged a few things on my resume, adjusted it, had a few people look at it, and then I printed out my sheets and I came ready. I practiced a few pitches and here I am," said Cosmeus.

Cosmeus disclosed why he appreciated the face-to-face interaction with employers.

“I felt like it was a great opportunity to talk to employers in person, rather than the tedious process of just applying online or just virtual. So, I feel like I get the connection of talking to somebody in person which will benefit me at least in the long run to build that in-person talk,” said Cosmeus. “So, I feel it is a great opportunity to at least get a basis of what your field is looking like. So, I think it’s great to be here.”

The Kean University Spring 2024 Career & Internship Fair was a great success. Many students were able to find opportunities that will help them to grow and develop their future career endeavors.