What Are Cougars Watching?: The Office Edition

Kean students share their favorite character and scenes from the sitcom "The Office."

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What Are Cougars Watching?: The Office Edition

Kean students discuss favorite characters and scenes from the sitcom "The Office."

Ch'nya Howard

The popular sitcom, The Office, gained popularity again a few years ago during the pandemic, especially among younger audiences as we all were instructed to stay home. The mockumentary resurged because of its dry humor, relatable characters, and comedic take on typical office workers. The Cougar’s Byte took the time to ask Kean students questions related to The Office including which character they relate to the most.

Chia make Emelumba, a sophomore and Biology major from Union, discuss who her favorite character from the show is.

“The guy with the glasses. Dwight, because he’s crazy, he’s funny. Him and Jim, their relationship is what makes me happy,” said Emelumba.

She also shared which character she relates to the most and her favorite scene. “Pam, because she’s quiet, and That one scene, where there was this prank going on between Jim and Dwight where they had a snowball fight...And the other one where they put his stapler in Jello.”

Christian Rasmussen, a Computer Science major and senior from Keansburg revealed which character he likes the most. “Jim. I just love watching the pranks and stuff he does on Dwight. It’s one of my favorite parts,” said Rasmussen.

He also shared his favorite scene from the sitcom. “I don’t know the episode, but it’s one of the pranks when Jim is imitating Dwight, and he says ‘Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.’ and then Dwight starts freaking out."

Rasmussen also stated which character he relates to. “Maybe Dwight, honestly, despite him not being my favorite character but I kinda relate to him a little bit because of the way he thinks about things. He keeps it real."

Bio-Health major and senior from Garfield, Diana Castillo, stated why she relates to Pam the most.

“Because she’s very chill and not only that but her boyfriend at the time, Jim, Jim and her were so cute together. I really like her personality,” said Castillo.

She also revealed that Michael Scott is her favorite character from the show. “Michael, he’s like my top fave. Not only because he’s funny, like there were scenes from the show where he would always put his employees first, and like always be there for them even though he’s such a goofball."

The Office has gained the reputation of being that comfort show that will certainly make you laugh no matter your mood. Kean Cougars have proved that they have a sense of humor and great taste in TV shows.